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13 JulExercising with Osteoporosis – Not all exercise is the same for bone health

We often think of our bones as quite brittle structures, but they are actually very metabolically active and always respond to the different stimuli that we give them. Bone responds to mechanical loading, and therefore loading bone specifically has the ability to stimulate bone development. This is why not all exercise is equally effective for bone building, and why it is important to tailor our exercise prescription specifically. Exercise can directly influence bone development if we do this correctly.

So, what exercise is best for building bone?

Weight bearing exercise! When our bones have to bear weight, they respond to this loading and this stimulates the processes that help to preserve (or stimulate) bone development. This can be in the form of impact exercises such as stomping or jumping, or through progressive resistance training, where we are aiming to provide a higher intensity load in a brief manner (e.g. less repetitions).

What about balance?

The primary goal for low bone density should be to reduce the risk of a fall, and thus potential fracture. It is for this reason that balance training is incredibly important.

How do I ensure safety?

It is paramount to seek the support of an accredited exercise physiologist for advice on getting started with bone specific exercise. For these types of exercises, technique and loading in a safe manner is initially our primary focus. At True North Wellness, we specialise in osteoporosis management. We also are an accredited provider of the Onero evidence-based exercise program, developed by The Bone Clinic.

We are more than happy to have a discussion with you around your medical history and goals, and develop a plan on how to get there.

Tamika Hassum
Accredited Exercise Physiologist – True North Wellness