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06 Sep 2023

Returning to exercise after hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is one of the most common types of elective surgeries for Australian women, however it’s not exactly the most talked about! We tend to understand that there is a period of rehabilitation after any major abdominal surgery, but it can be challenging to know where to seek help on how and when to return to physical activities.

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07 Aug 2023

What to eat for PCOS

If you have PCOS it’s quite possible you have pondered how your diet may influence your condition. Here we look at the evidenced based approach to what to eat to manage your PCOS.

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16 Mar 2023

Nutrition for endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue which lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. This can lead to various symptoms including pain, irregular periods, subfertility, fatigue, mood changes. Below are a few tips on what to eat if you have endometriosis.

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21 Sep 2022

Looking after your pelvic floor

    Our pelvic floor is made up of muscles and tissues that stretch, like a supportive trampoline, from your pubic bone at the front of your pelvis, to your tailbone at the bottom of your spine. It also stretches sideways from one sitting bone to the other. Your pelvic floor muscles work with your…

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27 Jun 2022

How to Interpret Your Bone Density Scan Results

How to interpret your bone density scan results  So, your GP has had you get a scan to assess your bone density. You might even have a copy of this scan and a brief explanation of what it means, but let’s be honest – sometimes the numbers can be a little confusing. Let’s take this…

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13 Jul 2021

Exercising with Osteoporosis – Not all exercise is the same for bone health

We often think of our bones as quite brittle structures, but they are actually very metabolically active and always respond to the different stimuli that we give them. Bone responds to mechanical loading, and therefore loading bone specifically has the ability to stimulate bone development. This is why not all exercise is equally effective for…

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True North Wellness
04 Jul 2019

What Exercise is Best for Osteoporosis?

One of the most effective lifestyle strategies to reduce losses in bone mineral density is physical activity and exercise [3]. Having a direct impact on bone properties means that exercise can not only play a role in prevention, but it can improve quality of life for those with osteoporosis and slow the progression of the…

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