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Albany Creek

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  • Private Exercise Clinic on Brisbane’s Northside
  • Exercise Physiology & Rehab
  • Group Exercise Training & Pilates
  • Nutrtition and Dietetics
  • Remedial Massage
  • NDIS Approved


True North Wellness is an exercise, health and wellness centre integrating allied health & fitness practices in a safe and welcoming environment. Our team of passionate health professionals have the expertise and experience to support you to improve your health, no matter where you are starting from. Whether you want to lose weight, manage your diabetes or are recovering from an illness or injury we can tailor a personalised health plan to assist your needs. This may include helping you to move safely, eat healthier or have a more positive headspace.


40 minute one-on-one review

  • Initial Health Assessment
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Create an Action plan

No out of pocket expenses



Reason’s Why Your Kid Should do Pilates!

We often talk about Pilates being fantastic for adults, but what about children?In general, Pilates is an exercise mode that fosters learning controlled movement and muscle recruitment patterns, improves posture and dynamic stability, and increases muscular strength and range of motion.“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”- Joseph Pilates.Pilates provides children with a…

Empowering Men: Managing Pelvic Floor Concerns After Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer is a significant health concern for men globally, with treatment often impacting various aspects of their lives, including urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction. As an accredited exercise physiologist, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of tailored exercise programs in helping men manage these challenges effectively. In this blog, we'll explore how exercise physiology plays a crucial role in supporting men's pelvic floor health post-prostate cancer treatment.

When to be concerned about your blood pressure

Hypertension (AKA high blood pressure) is often called the "silent killer" because it typically has no symptoms but can lead to serious health problems like heart disease, stoke and kidney damage if left untreated. It can be difficult to know when to be concerned about high blood pressure, so here are some general guidelines you can follow...