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Albany Creek

  • Personalised Health & Wellness
  • Private Exercise Clinic on Brisbane’s Northside
  • Exercise Physiology & Rehab
  • Group Exercise Training & Pilates
  • Nutrtition and Dietetics
  • Remedial Massage
  • NDIS Approved


True North Wellness is an exercise, health and wellness centre integrating allied health & fitness practices in a safe and welcoming environment. Our team of passionate health professionals have the expertise and experience to support you to improve your health, no matter where you are starting from. Whether you want to lose weight, manage your diabetes or are recovering from an illness or injury we can tailor a personalised health plan to assist your needs. This may include helping you to move safely, eat healthier or have a more positive headspace.


40 minute one-on-one review

  • Initial Health Assessment
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Create an Action plan

No out of pocket expenses



Why hurt does not always equal harm (persistent pain perspective)

If you have experienced an injury that has turned chronic, then you may well understand that there are adaptations that occur in your body that can leave you feeling ‘not quite like it used to feel’ when you do certain activities. Learning why this occurs is often the first step in managing your persistent pain. We can understand this by exploring the ‘Twin Peaks’ Metaphor described by pain researchers David Butler and Lorimer Mosely in their book Explain Pain (see below). Let’s discuss!

Alluring addictiveness of fast food

  Did you know the brain has a reward system? It’s a primal system that rewards us when we do something that encourages our survival – such as eating food. Unfortunately, when we eat junk food, the chemical dopamine (aka the reward), is released in larger amounts into the brain than when we eat whole foods. Learn more…


What looks like a good nights sleep for one person may be quite different from another’s. Some feel refreshed after 6 hours sleep, some like 8 or more hours. Sleep can be affected by night work, children, illness, pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, life events and many other factors. Not enough, or too much sleep may…