The Strong Bones Osteoporosis program

Exercise is a critical part of managing osteoporosis and keeping your bones strong. But not all exercise is the same when it comes to osteoporosis.

The Onero Exercise Program is an evidenced based program that has been developed by The Bone Clinic to maximize bone density and prevent falls and fractures. Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are trained to deliver this program and provide the expertise and support to ensure you manage your bone health safely.

Our 4 week Strong Bones Program includes one to one sessions with our Accredited Exercise Physiologists who will get you comfortable and confident doing the right type of exercise and provide the support and expertise to ensure you are getting the most out of your exercise. 

Our Strong Bones Osteoporosis program includes:

  • 4 week graded exercise program that helps to build confidence with movement and exercise.
  • 4 x one to one Exercise Physiology sessions to establish correct technique and provide a graded home exercise program.
  • Education on Osteoporosis and managing bone health (including a specialised information booklet) in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Specialised “Strong Bones” group class available after the program once these foundations have been established. This is an excellent option to continue this support and supervision in a relaxed and non-intimidating environment.

(“Strong Bones” is the licensed Onero exercise program, An evidenced based exercise class developed through The Bone Clinic.) Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are trained Onero providers.

See our Class timetable for available times.

Program details

4 week strong bones program – $385

(Strong Bones Program is Bulk Billed when referred under a Medicare GP Management Plan)

The 4 week “Strong Bones” Program can now be delivered virtually anywhere in Australia.

Unsure where to start? Book a gap free assessment to work out an individualised health plan with one of our exercise physiologists.

You pay no out of pocket expenses with your health insurance. No health insurance, no worries you pay only $55. Program valued at $130


40 minute one-on-one review

  • Initial Health Assessment
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Create an Action plan

No out of pocket expenses

What is Onero training?

Created by The Bone Clinic in Brisbane, the Onero training program was designed with those in mind who wish to minimise the risk of osteoporotic fractures or injuries. Created for those people who suffer from low bone mass, such as those who have osteoporosis, Onero uses balance exercises, resistance training and regular exercise to combat the symptoms of low bone health.

As a licensed Onero exercise facility, True North Wellness helps people with osteoporosis to relieve pain and decrease the chance of serious injury through our exercise session.

What are the benefits of bone health exercise?

Osteoporosis is a condition where there are losses in bone tissue and strength, predisposing the bones to a greater risk of fracture. This condition is common, affecting around two out of every three women, and one in six men, over the age of 60. Nearly two-thirds of Australian’s over 50 suffer from reduced bone mass, classified as osteopenia, putting them at risk of developing osteoporosis. Whilst nutritional factors such as calcium and vitamin D can help minimise your bone loss, one of the most effective lifestyle strategies that are recognised for osteoporosis is exercise. But, not all exercise is the same for managing bone health and therefore doing the right program is important.

With our osteoporosis exercise program you could help increase muscle strength and regain balance though our training. Our program also helps to relieve pain and decrease your risk of injury. Most importantly, it is evidence based and designed to stimulate bone development and minimise further loss in bone mass.

What exercises you will be able to perform will depend on the level of your loss in bone density, general health problems, other medical conditions and exercise recommendations from your doctor or exercise professional.

How to keep safe with weight bearing exercises

As certified Onero exercise professionals, our team at True North Wellness can help ensure that you are keeping safe while you exercise with our approved program.

The Onero program focuses on improving bone density with targeted resistance exercises and reducing the risk of falls with balance training.

Before you start exercising you will typically need to be tested for your levels of bone density and your fitness level. At True North Wellness we work with you to find the best program and help you meet your goals.


40 minute one-on-one review

  • Initial Health Assessment
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Create an Action plan

No out of pocket expenses

Exercises to maintain your bone density

Our strength training exercises are licensed by the Onero and are suited to younger or older adults.

Our bones respond to mechanical loading and therefore weight bearing exercise can directly influence bone development. We therefore want to include progressive resistance training, targeted impact exercise, and balance exercises (to reduce risk of falls). The research for Onero has been based off two sessions per week. Therefore it does not mean you need to start rigorous exercise routines every day to manage your bone strength.

At True North Wellness, we help you find the right balance for you to help you manage your osteoporosis and keep your muscles working.

What we offer you

Our program for osteoporosis exercises helps to improve functional strength and balance, whilst maximising bone health, with the help of an accredited exercise physiologist to guide you in your journey.

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