Using a Dietitian in your NDIS plan

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Are you a registered NDIS participant with a disability? You could benefit from working with a dietitian as part of your NDIS plan to help you achieve your goals.

Nutrition is a hugely important part of all health plans and health conditions. Your body needs to have the right support for its ability to heal and in all aspects of rehabilitation.

Understanding which food to eat, and the impact each food has on your conditions is an important ingredient in a successful health and wellbeing plan.

Our Dietetic services are 100% funded by the NDIS.



What outcomes can a Dietitian help you with?

  • Managing your weight
  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Shopping for healthier ingredients
  • Addressing specific health concerns
  • Recovering from injury
  • Improving your overall health and wellbeing

True North Wellness offers Dietetic services that are personalised and adapted to your NDIS plan. We establish where you are at, what conditions you need to treat, what obstacles or challenges you have to meet your diet goals and how best to address them.

We will help you set and achieve important health goals such as:

  • Achieve and maintain your goal weight
  • Learn how to prepare and cook healthier meals
  • Understand and manage food intolerances and allergies
  • Learn how to choose healthier options when eating out
  • Recognise which choices are best when shopping

What does an NDIS Dietitian do?

Dietitians provide advice on nutrition, meal planning, portion control, weight gain/loss, disease support, rehabilitation and injury recovery.

The food you eat directly impacts your body's ability to respond to your disability, disease or other health conditions as the primary source of nutrition.

How do you know if a Dietitian can help you with your NDIS goals?

A dietitian is an important part of any health plan. If you are experiencing any of the following then having a dietitian consultation will offer you insight into your options.

  • Drastic changes in weight
  • In ability to change your weight
  • A new or existing diagnosed chronic disease
  • Medication changes
  • Difficulty in preparing or eating meals
  • Changes in your overall health

What are meal plans and how can you help?

A meal plan is a structured list of meals tailored to your needs that identify what you should eat for each meal, on any given day. This provides a simple way to meet your health and nutrition goals, and for your health providers to be able to measure your results.

Meal plans also provide assistance to your overall well being by:

  • Simplifying your food shopping needs
  • Providing recipes
  • Educating you on portion sizing
  • Identifying any additional supplement requirements

True North Wellness Dietitians can not only set up a meal plan for you but as part of your overall NDIS plan we can conduct periodic meal plan reviews to assist you meet your NDIS Plan goals.


Many people have never been taught a full understanding of what healthy eating means. One of the key roles of a dietitian is making sure each client they work with understands:

  • the role food plays in health and recovery
  • how to determine quality food
  • how nutrition impacts all parts of health
  • how food supports managing disabilities
  • the life changing impacts quality nutrition has on their body

Specialised dietetic programs can include the following:

  • Working with conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, low weight, malnutrition, gastrointestinal problems, kidney disease, neurodegenerative diseases, mental health issues and stroke
  • Helping manage feeding regimes for nasogastric (NG) tubes
  • Pressure Injury nutritional assistance
  • Education and support for carers

Whatever your dietitetic needs, True North Wellness as a registered NDIS provider is able to consult and support you on how to best achieve your goals. Our Dietitians work with children, teenagers and adults and our clinic in Albany Creek is easily accessible, with ample parking and a lift for wheelchair access..

Contact us for a consultation to discuss how we can best help you achieve your NDIS plan goals.