Exercise Physiology

  Exercise is Medicine   Exercise can be one of the most important strategies you use to improve your health. But getting back into exercise after an illness or injury can be challenging. Our exercise professionals have the experience and knowledge to design a program for you to start slowly and progress as you improve.


  Pilates involves a series of exercises that are designed to improve physical strength, flexibility & posture whilst emphasising core strength and stability. By strengthening the core and improving postural awareness – pilates can alleviate and prevent back, neck and joint pain whilst supporting injury rehabilitation.

Group Exercise Training

The clinic offers a range of group classes including Pilates and Functional Fitness. . All sessions cater to a range of abilities and health conditions.

Remedial Massage

  Remedial massage is an important part of an overall health plan.   It can help you recover and manage your condition or injury to enjoy your life with less pain and stress.

Chronic Diseases

  Whether you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease or want to prevent future problems our lifestyle modification programs can help you improve your quality of life.


  You Are What You Eat   Getting your nutrition right is so important for overall health. Conflicting information makes it confusing to make the right choices and old habits can be hard to change. Our accredited dietitians break it down into simple steps with personalised plans.

Special Events


'Living Well during Menopause'

FREE Information session covering the 5 steps to improving quality of life before, during and after menopause.



A range of health products are available at our clinic including:

  • Myofascial Foam rollers and balls
  • Exercise resistance bands
  • Pilates/Yoga mats, towels, socks, straps, blocks
  • Portion control plates
  • Books