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Onero™ Exercise Program

True North Wellness is licensed to deliver the award winning Onero exercise program for osteoporosis, in Albany Creek, Brisbane.

We are Licensed to deliver Onero™ to our clients with or at risk of osteoporosis. Only qualified Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists are able to deliver the program. Onero™ is appropriate for adults of any age wishing to reduce their risk of osteoporotic fracture.

Bones need exercise

“When it comes to bones we know exercise can benefit people throughout their life - by growing bigger stronger bones in childhood, improving bones throughout adulthood and preventing falls that can lead to fracture as we age."

Professor Belinda Beck
Director, The Bone Clinic


But not all exercise is effective. Research has demonstrated that only certain types of exercise improve bone health. Onero™ is an osteoporosis treatment based on exercise designed specifically to prevent osteoporotic fracture by stimulating bone development and preventing falls in at-risk individuals.

The Onero™ program was developed by The Bone Clinic in Brisbane and is now used throughout Australia as a key method for treating osteoporosis.


To find out more about osteoporosis and Onero™ please visit the Osteoporosis Australia (OA) website. OA is Australia's leading advocacy group for sufferers of osteoporosis and are committed to exercise for bone health. They have partnered with The Bone Clinic, the developers of Onero™, to disseminate this effective exercise program throughout Australia. OA have a great explainer video on the Onero™ program and how it can:

  1. increase bone density
  2. strengthen muscle
  3. reduce the risk of falls
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To be safe and effective the program must be supervised by an accredited exercise physiologist or physiotherapist who is trained and Licensed to deliver the program. Our Clinic is Licensed to deliver Onero™ to our clients with or at risk of osteoporosis. Onero™ is appropriate for adults of any age wishing to reduce their risk of osteoporotic fracture.

One of the great features of Onero™ is that you don’t need to exercise five days of the week. Research has found that just twice a week is enough to stimulate bone, improve muscle and help prevent falls. In fact, the original research that underpins Onero™ included only 1 hour of exercise a week.

The Research


LS - Lumbar spine; BMD - bone mineral density, FN - femoral neck, WB - whole body; T hip - Total Hip; F Reach - functional reach; TUG - Timed up and Go; 5xSTS - Five Times Sit to Stand; BES - Back Extensor Strength

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Onero™ is an evidence–based exercise program developed from the LIFTMOR study, conducted at Griffith University under the supervision of Professor Belinda Beck, and recently published in the Journal of Bone Mineral Research (2018). Since 2015, Onero™ has been implemented at The Bone Clinic in six south-east Queensland locations.

Like the LIFTMOR findings, ongoing data collection at The Bone Clinic sites indicates that Onero™ increases bone mass, improves posture and decreases falls in clinic patients. Results show that 86% of patients increased bone mass at the lumbar spine and 69% of patients increased bone mass at the hip (graphs below). Those results were recently presented at the annual scientific meeting of the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research in Montreal (2018).


To start Onero™ we recommend a visit to your local GP as you may be eligible for a General Practitioner Management Plan (GPMP). A GPMP allows up to 5 visits that are reimbursed through Medicare.

You can download the Onero™ brochure to show your GP.

This brochure allows the GP to read about the exercise program and decide whether Onero™ is right for you.

If you are not eligible for a GPMP you may be able to claim the cost of your visit through private health insurance. Please call us for an appointment.

True North Wellness Onero™ Program.

Our 4 week Introductory Strong Bones Program includes one-on-one sessions with our Accredited Exercise Physiologists who will get you comfortable and confident doing the right type of exercise and provide the support and expertise to ensure you are getting the most out of your exercise. After this introductory program you can move into our Onero™ group exercises classes.

You can read more about our program here.

(You pay no out of pocket expenses with your health insurance. No health insurance, no worries you pay only $55. Valued at $125)