My insightful, older friend gave me some wise advice, “Don’t get stuck on the old stuff”, stuff from the past, old regrets, old arguments, old disappointments. Many of us take our time on this beautiful planet for granted. In reality, the clock is ticking. Don’t worry excessively about the future, tomorrow has not even happened yet. Plan, by all means, with logic and flexibility. But don’t worry excessively about the hypothetical, the fake, the made-up stuff that consumes our minds? Every day is a gift, so make today count.

So, grab life with both hands and just run with it. Focus on the things we CAN do now and squeeze every drop of happiness from the “little stuff” we get to do every day. If we get stuck in the past, we risk losing the NOW. Gone! Don’t waste a single moment. Every day I try to enjoy the “little stuff” – one more smile from a loved one, one more touch of their hand, one more cuddle with my precious dog …
Don’t get hung up on old worries. Blink now and you will miss another moment – right now – make it count. What do you need to do to seize the day, seize the moment? All we really have is NOW.
And remember, the little stuff is actually the big stuff.

Right now, we are experiencing tough times globally. Never before have we seen anything quite like this. In the words of another good friend of mine,
” Let’s make an effort to reduce social isolation by keeping in touch by phone and social media. Please let others know if you need food or help in any other way. Let others know if you are able to help them. Check in daily with your family and especially the more vulnerable. Post encouraging messages, stay informed with the facts, and avoid fake news.

Let’s all come out of this stronger, not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually”.

Deb Kahler- Psychologist