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06 JunThe Gym is not the Problem! It is our Friend!

The 4 keys to reducing unnecessary fatigue and soreness in the gym · Graded intensity · Rest days · Slow and controlled movements · Consistency Graded intensity simply means start out easy and very gradually increase over a period of time. This will either be with the weight that you lift or the intensity of…

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Australians are living longer than ever before. By 2056 it’s estimated that one in four Australians will be over 65 years old. Many will still be in the workforce or starting to transition from full-time work to having more leisure time available. Either way, staying active and strong enhances participation in activities for everyday living.…

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08 NovThe Power of Goals

Often we set ourselves goals throughout our lives whether they be about our career, health or personal relationships. What I have discovered as I navigate this journey of life is that goals can be incredible motivators to keep us on track and focused. Even though this may sound very obvious I am still amazed how…

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19 JulOn the Outside Listening in..

On the Outside listening in “If you want life to change you have to change. If you want life to get better, you have to get better.” Tony Robbins From where I sit on a daily basis in my role here at TNW I hear a lot. I am not sitting here eaves dropping, it’s general…

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Daily Habits

03 MayThe Habit of Habits

Are you aware of your daily habits? Our daily habits make up how our day and week will flow. One of the important aspects to improving our health is identifying which habits are helping our health and which habits are hindering our health. We often overlook the power of these daily habits and if we…

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05 SepHow to get back into exercise after winter

As we move out of winter into spring many people start to think about getting back into exercise. For those of you that have continued your exercise program over winter give yourself a pat on the back. Because it can be tough to maintain routines when the weather is cold and mornings dark. With spring…

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