The Gym is not the Problem! It is our Friend!

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The 4 keys to reducing unnecessary fatigue and soreness in the gym

· Graded intensity
· Rest days
· Slow and controlled movements
· Consistency

Graded intensity simply means start out easy and very gradually increase over a period of time. This will either be with the weight that you lift or the intensity of your overall session (how hard you work).
Rest days will always be important whether you are a high level athlete or a beginner in the gym. It allows our body to fully recover and replenish which subsequently reduces pain and fatigue after each session.
Slow and controlled movements reduce the stress on our muscles. Fast and powerful movements place a lot of stress on the muscles and may result in greater fatigue and muscle soreness.
Consistency is very important. You cannot achieve your goals and aspirations over night, this will always take time, so stick at it, enjoy it, and have some fun!

Jake Hathway – Accredited Exercise Physiologist