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11 Jun 2024

Empowering Men: Managing Pelvic Floor Concerns After Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer is a significant health concern for men globally, with treatment often impacting various aspects of their lives, including urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction. As an accredited exercise physiologist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of tailored exercise programs in helping men manage these challenges effectively. In this blog, we’ll explore how exercise physiology plays a crucial role in supporting men’s pelvic floor health post-prostate cancer treatment.

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10 Oct 2022

How Does Exercise Change our Brains?

Many incredible things happen in our body when we exercise; our heart, muscles, bones and lungs all get stronger among other positive changes. Some of the most fascinating changes however occur in our brains!  Here are some of the wonderful adaptations that occur in our brains when we exercise:    Memories are made  Exercising has…

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11 Apr 2022

Falls Prevention, Reducing the Risk of Falls as You Age

How do you reduce the risk of a fall as you age?  Falls are one of the major contributors to hospitalisation in Australia with 43% of all admissions due to a fall. Most of these are at home and in our elderly population(>65)  and this figure has been increasing on average 2% since 2017.i  Although…

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05 Apr 2022

April Falls Introduction

April Falls signifies a month of better balance for falls prevention! It is an annual campaign promoted by NSW Fall Prevention and Healthy Ageing Network that aims to educate individuals on the importance of physical activity for reducing falls (NSW Fall Prevention and Healthy Ageing Network, 2022). This is such a significant month as 30%…

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24 Jan 2022

What does it really mean to be ‘consistent’?

Consistent: “acting or done in the same way over time”.  Most of us understand the definition of consistency, but what does consistency mean when it comes to exercising?  When reflecting on our own habits to determine if we are exercising consistently, we need to look at both the big and little picture.  The big picture…

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16 Nov 2021

Tweaking Your Routine to Train Your Mental Fitness

As discussed in our previous blogs, there are many definitions for mental fitness, but in a nutshell mental fitness is achieving a state of well-being, and becoming aware of how we think, act and feel in order to build up our resilience to stress.  It’s easy to fall into a pattern of negative thoughts, and when we have…

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True North Wellness
14 Nov 2019

Why you don’t have to be an ‘Exercise Person’

As an Exercise Physiology, a common phrase I often hear is “I am not a gym/exercise person. I just don’t enjoy it.” I believe this is a perfectly reasonable statement. Gym-type activities are so mainstream and prevalent in our society, and as a result we can often get caught up in thinking they are the…

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True North Wellness
06 Jun 2019

The Gym is not the Problem! It is our Friend!

The 4 keys to reducing unnecessary fatigue and soreness in the gym · Graded intensity · Rest days · Slow and controlled movements · Consistency Graded intensity simply means start out easy and very gradually increase over a period of time. This will either be with the weight that you lift or the intensity of…

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True North Wellness
23 May 2019


Australians are living longer than ever before. By 2056 it’s estimated that one in four Australians will be over 65 years old. Many will still be in the workforce or starting to transition from full-time work to having more leisure time available. Either way, staying active and strong enhances participation in activities for everyday living.…

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