Why you don’t have to be an ‘Exercise Person’

True North Wellness

As an Exercise Physiology, a common phrase I often hear is “I am not a gym/exercise person. I just don’t enjoy it.” I believe this is a perfectly reasonable statement.
Gym-type activities are so mainstream and prevalent in our society, and as a result we can often get caught up in thinking they are the best and only type of activity available.
It’s very easy not to look outside of this format. There are endless activities available when you know where to look and who to ask. We are all different individuals, so we can’t expect to all ‘enjoy’ the same types of exercise. Find something that matches the unique individual that you are!
If this is resonating with you, and you find you don’t enjoy exercise, I challenge you to try something new and expand your idea of what exercise has to look like.
There is no point doing an activity that you dislike. If you don’t enjoy doing cardio indoors, go for a walk outdoors. If that still doesn’t suit your tastebuds, try a new exercise or dance class, or go down to your local pool and try some swimming or walking in the water. These are just some of the many options available.

Don’t get me wrong, being consistent with your activity requires a certain level of self discipline. You may have to challenge yourself some days more than others, mentally or physically, to get the job done. It’s not necessarily supposed to be easy; it’s supposed to put you a little bit outside of your comfort zone. But I want to emphasise: exercise is not supposed to be a chore! If you find exercise to be a chore, you may want to re-evaluate what type or how much of it you are doing. Don’t be afraid to get some additional support to help guide you.
We can all be ‘exercise people’ if we find the right type of activity!

Tamika Hassum-Accredited Exercise Physiologist