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21 NovHow to pack a Healthy Lunch Box

We spend around 8 hours a day at work, and often eat more than half of our meals and snacks in the workplace. So what you eat at work can really impact your overall nutrition and health! See the tips below for navigating a healthier lunch. Vegetables 90% of Australians don’t get their 5 serves…

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24 OctGreen Exercise

When I am talking to people about increasing their activity and exercise levels, I encourage them to include some green exercise into their weekly routine. There are so many benefits to regular exercise both physical and mental. But in our world that is full of technology and constant stimulation, incorporating some exercise in a natural…

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28 AugHow can I reduce my risk of developing Cancer?

There are a number of risk factors that elevate the likelihood of developing any type of cancer. Some of these we are not able to influence (meaning they are non-modifiable), however many are within our control (meaning they are modifiable). Having one of more risk factors does not mean you will definitely develop cancer; many…

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10 JulWhy I don’t like Meal Plans – Part 1

I’ve been a dietitian for nearly 10 years and it’s probably one of my most asked questions; ‘Can you do me a meal plan? I just need something I can follow…’ I don’t like meal plans. It’s not to say that I won’t write them or that they’re not useful, because they can be. It’s…

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19 Jun4 Reasons you should include Fibre in your diet

June is bowel cancer awareness month! Which makes it a fabulous time to touch on fibre and the many ways this incredible nutrient is so important to your health. There are 3 different types of fibre to include in your diet (soluble, insoluble and resistant). Below is a run-down on how they can help your…

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13 MaySedentary behaviour – What it is and why should we do less of it?

Sedentary behaviour is the time you spend sitting or lying down (apart from sleeping). This can be at work, at home, during travel, and for leisure. The Australian guidelines recommend minimising the time spent being sedentary every day to, and breaking up long periods of sitting for as long as possible. This will reduce the…

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Mental health

07 FebWhat are the benefits of Exercise for Mental Health?

Movement for the Mind – What are the benefits of Exercise for Mental Health? We know the benefits of exercise for our physical health, but how often do we also consider our mental health? The two are actually quite closely interlinked; for example, diabetes and moderate to severe depression co-exist in between 22-35% of Australians.…

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08 NovThe Power of Goals

Often we set ourselves goals throughout our lives whether they be about our career, health or personal relationships. What I have discovered as I navigate this journey of life is that goals can be incredible motivators to keep us on track and focused. Even though this may sound very obvious I am still amazed how…

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19 JulOn the Outside Listening in..

On the Outside listening in “If you want life to change you have to change. If you want life to get better, you have to get better.” Tony Robbins From where I sit on a daily basis in my role here at TNW I hear a lot. I am not sitting here eaves dropping, it’s general…

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