Green Exercise

True North Wellness

When I am talking to people about increasing their activity and exercise levels, I encourage them to include some green exercise into their weekly routine.

There are so many benefits to regular exercise both physical and mental. But in our world that is full of technology and constant stimulation, incorporating some exercise in a natural environment can have further relaxation and stress management benefits.

The Japanese embrace this philosophy with their “Forrest Bathing”. They spend time sitting, walking or relaxing in nature intentionally to reap these benefits that nature provides to our brain.
In nature fractals occur which are repetitive shapes and patterns. These fractals actually are very calming to our brain and help us to relax.
So taking a walk, run, ride, swim or stretch in nature at least once a week will provide some green exercise to your program and you can feel these positive benefits to your overall health,

Vicky Graham – Accredited Exercise Physiologist