On the Outside Listening in..


On the Outside listening in

“If you want life to change you have to change. If you want life to get better, you have to get better.” Tony Robbins

From where I sit on a daily basis in my role here at TNW I hear a lot.
I am not sitting here eaves dropping, it’s general conversation between the practitioners and the client. I am lucky enough to have some of the most interesting and diverse talks with our clients.
Sometimes too much information, but I figure they feel comfortable enough to share with me.

What I do find truly amazing Is the strength, persistence and compassion of the people who come through our doors, all for varying health issues and concerns. Some people are scared they don’t want to walk through those doors, or they are unsure as to why their doctor has referred them?
But they come and take that first step, the hardest one to conquer.

So kudos to all those that return and continue on their health and wellness journey as it can be confronting and scary. From what I hear and observe I love the advice, care and knowledge that is given to our clients. Sometimes you know what? it’s simple, you know it already but you just don’t do it! We all need that gentle nudge.
Change is daunting for all of us, across all aspects of life.
But we know if we don’t start with a small change nothing will get better.

So today I wanted to give a shout out to all our wonderful clients who inspire me and motivate me and remind me to be grateful.
You never know who is listening and who you are inspiring today!!

Jade Whitlock

Practice Manager