The Power of Goals


Often we set ourselves goals throughout our lives whether they be about our career, health or personal relationships. What I have discovered as I navigate this journey of life is that goals can be incredible motivators to keep us on track and focused.

Even though this may sound very obvious I am still amazed how we don’t spend the time thinking about our goals and planning how we are going to achieve them. Often a goal is set (usually too big and unachievable) and then we just start working towards it. Very little action planning is done and we wonder why when obstacles or life gets in the road we give up.

To make goals work for you, set realistic and achievable targets with timeframes for accountability. Spend some time making a plan with small, simple steps that nudge you towards your goal. Try to think about obstacles or problems that may arise and problem solve some options to overcome these barriers. Most importantly keep going and get support around you.

 Make your goals work for you to positively motivate you and keep you focused and on track.

Vicky Graham – Exercise Physiologist