05 JulSo, What is Cupping?

Cupping in Massage

Before your remedial massage therapist begins your massage treatment, they will devise a massage treatment plan taking into consideration any existing conditions, pain, discomfort, body function and ailments.

In creating this massage treatment plan, they will consider what techniques and or tools would be best utilised in order to achieve the best results for you.

One of the techniques and tools I find beneficial for many, particularly when dealing with back and shoulder pain is ‘cupping’.

So, what is cupping? 

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine, where a special cup is placed on your skin to create suction.

The cup can be left static or used in a ‘sliding’ motion where the layers of tissue are gently lifted by the suction of the cup, giving the different layers of tissue a lovely stretch.  This assists in breaking up any adhesions in the tissues that may create pain or limit our mobility.

The suction also assists in increasing blood flow to the area flushing out toxins and allowing lovely fresh blood cells to nurture the affected area, therefore reducing adhesions, promoting a suppleness of tissues, and reducing pain.

Many clients find this technique a very relaxing and painless addition to their massage treatment reducing pain and inflammation while increasing circulation and relaxation.

Be sure to speak to your therapist about cupping when you book your next treatment.

I know you’ll love it.

Melissa Speare – Remedial Massage Therapist