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07 NovTouch – Not just a Sentimental Human Indulgence

Once a week I visit a local retirement village where the average age is 68 years young. My day begins treating stress, headaches and migraine, back pains, leg aches and the moans and groans of hips that don’t quite move like they used to. It ends with a spring in the step of everyone who…

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30 MayRemedial Massage therapy during the cool Winter Months

With the winter days creeping in, now is the perfect time to enjoy the many benefits of a warming winter massage and not just because it feels good. Remedial Massage therapy during the cool winter months will help keep you feeling well and nurtured giving your immune system a timely boost, reliving aches and pains,…

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Diaphragmatic breathing

14 MarDiaphragmatic breathing – A Massage from the Inside

You may have heard of the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing referred to in the clinic from time to time. This is breathing at its best and incredibly helpful tool for you to ensure you get the most out of your remedial massage treatment among other things. Learning diaphragmatic breathing is achieved by breathing slow, steady…

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

04 DecWhat is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is an extremely gentle, rhythmic and flowing massage that targets the lymphatic system alone. This style of massage is targeting a very superficial body system that only requires a light touch compared to direct soft tissue work like remedial massage. The lymphatic system contains capillaries, vessels, nodes and blood vessels (which are…

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04 OctWhy Meditate?

One of the strategies I am recommending to people to help them manage their health and wellness is mediation. This may surprise some people as I am an exercise physiologist and they would be expecting me to be talking to them only about how much and what type of exercise they should be doing. More…

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Self nurturing

23 AugWhat does “Self Nurturing” really mean?

Massage – a self nurturing tool for every body. Self nurturing is a term we hear used quite frequently in our clinic in relation to the realization of better health and in the reduction of pain. I recently wondered, what does “self nuturing” really mean to the people that we are speaking to, and how…

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05 JulSo, What is Cupping?

Cupping in Massage Before your remedial massage therapist begins your massage treatment, they will devise a massage treatment plan taking into consideration any existing conditions, pain, discomfort, body function and ailments. In creating this massage treatment plan, they will consider what techniques and or tools would be best utilised in order to achieve the best…

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Your body

20 JunListening to your Body

I have been surrounded by exercise my whole life. But although I am a regular exerciser most of the time this can sometimes be a negative when I don’t listen to my body. I live with lower back pain from herniated discs I did about 10 years ago. (Lifting too heavy things in the garden…

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