Alcohol and Health

Everyone is affected by alcohol differently. Additionally, drinking is never completely without risks. For this reason it is good to have an understanding of recommendations around alcohol intake to make an informed choice. This article summarises Australian guidelines around alcohol consumption.


Recommendations for healthy* adults in Australia are:
1. No more than 10 standards drinks in a week.
2. No more than 4 standard drinks on any one day.
3. Complete avoidance is recommended for those: under 18, pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding.

*many health conditions recommend limiting or avoiding alcohol completely. Discuss with your doctor.

What is a Standard Drink
A standard drink is used to describe the amount of an alcoholic beverage that contains approximately 10g of pure alcohol. Many drinks contain more than just 1 standard drink so it is important to check how much you are actually drinking.
The following quantities are equivalent to 1 standard drink:
• Wine = 100mL
• Light beer = 425mL
• Mid-strength beer = 375mL
• Full-strength beer = 285mL
• Cider = 285mL
• Pre-mixed spirits = 275mL
• Straight spirits = 30mL

Other tips for safe drinking
• Aim to eat before you drink or drink with a meal.
• Alternate you alcohol drink with a non-alcohol drink e.g. soda water, diet soft drink.
• Try low alcohol versions of you preferred drink e.g. light beer, low alcohol wine.

Some benefits of drinking less
• Better quality sleep
• Improved skin
• Reduced inflammation
• Improved immune function