The Fly on the Wall


The past few weeks I have had the opportunity to be a ‘fly on the wall’.

My role, as an Exercise Physiology student, has so far largely been to observe and take in everything happening in the clinic.

What has stood out to me most during this time is the huge impact that something very small may have on someone’s entire health and wellbeing. Each day, I witness clients consciously walking through the door, making a decision to improve their quality of life through whichever type of treatment they are receiving. And regardless of how ready they are to make change, or try something new, they are taking that step through the door. That is ultimately what matters.

Arguably the most rewarding part of working in this industry, is witnessing someone make a change in behaviour that ultimately helps them achieve their goals, whether that be pain reduction, improvements in function, weight loss, better managing their chronic condition, or something else. I feel privileged to be a part of this process.

As I move from a fly on the wall to being actively involved in these journeys, I am looking forward to helping positively impact more lives.

I encourage everyone to take that first step through the door and join in!

Tamika Hassum – UQ Exercise Physiology Student