Pain in the knee while running

Knee Pain

There are many causes of knee pain, whether it is a new injury, old injury or an overuse injury.

This blogs focus is on overuse pain/injury.

It is common in runners of all ages to experience pain in the knee during or after running.

One reason why this occurs is because the frequency and duration of the run increases to quickly and or body is unable to recover and restore itself fully before the next run.

Basic rehab principles follow the idea of progressive overload, however when we start a new activity we can get over excited and want to do it ‘all day and everyday’ – leading to an increased risk of an overuse injury and in this case knee pain.

My suggestions if you experience pain in the knee while running are:

  1. Write down your training schedule to give a visual representation of what you are achieving.
  2. First, reduce how often (frequency) you go for a run. Ideally you need at least one day of rest in between each run.
  3. Reduce how long (duration) you run for. If for example you go for a 40min run and pain occurs, I suggest you cut this in half and see how your body responds.
  4. VERY gradually, over a period of time increase the duration of each run back up to the 40min mark.
  5. Finally, begin to add additional runs back in to your week, BUT at a reduced duration with the intention to again, VERY gradually build on the duration.



This is a simplified example of the progressive overload technique and how it can be effective in keeping you pain free while running, without completely stopping all exercise when pain presents itself.

REMEMBER, allow your body to adapt and it will be happy!

Jake Hathway- Accredited Exercise Physiologist