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Knee Pain
24 Oct 2018

Pain in the knee while running

There are many causes of knee pain, whether it is a new injury, old injury or an overuse injury. This blogs focus is on overuse pain/injury. It is common in runners of all ages to experience pain in the knee during or after running. One reason why this occurs is because the frequency and duration…

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Pre and postoperative
08 Aug 2018

How does exercise help Pre and Postoperative outcome measures?

Any major surgery is a serious decision for anyone and with an increasing elderly population, surgeries in later life are becoming more common. All surgeries carry with them the risk of making the patient vulnerable to reduced function and societal participation. Therefore, it is important that measures be put in place pre- and post-surgery to…

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Your body
20 Jun 2018

Listening to your Body

I have been surrounded by exercise my whole life. But although I am a regular exerciser most of the time this can sometimes be a negative when I don’t listen to my body. I live with lower back pain from herniated discs I did about 10 years ago. (Lifting too heavy things in the garden…

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Falls prevention
19 Apr 2018

Falls Prevention and Exercise

As our population starts to age a major health concern is the increase of falls in older adults. With around 30% of adults over the age of 65 experiencing at least one fall a year. These falls can result in disability, loss of mobility, reduced quality of life, fear of falling and death. These falls…

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16 Mar 2018

The Complex Shoulder

Have you ever had a shoulder injury, completed an exercise rehabilitation program but then weeks, months even years later the pain is back? Chances are you only scratched the surface of your exercise rehabilitation program. Read more The Complex Shoulder

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