Reflection - Pause

21 MarJust Pause. When did our lives get so busy?

Every time we speak to people the first thing, we say is how busy we feel. Have our lives become so much more complex and fuller that we don’t have time to recharge?

When we are permanently on “Groundhog Day” and we don’t have moments in our day or week to pause and reflect our heads are “full of sh*t” (As one person quoted). Prioritising time each day to pause, relax and reflect allows our minds some headspace to think clearly.

This daily routine doesn’t have to take long maybe 5-10minutes in the morning, afternoon or evening. Try to remove your phones or other technology that can distract you and be comfortable with silence and stillness.

Getting use to this silence takes time and using some deep belly (diaphragmatic) breathing can help to calm your mind. Mediation is a proven science that can help reduce stress, anxiety or the busy monkey brain.

This small investment of time that you give yourself to pause can be the starting point of prioritising both your physical and mental health and wellness.

Vicky Graham – Accredited Exercise Physiologist