healthy brainTrain your brain like you train your muscles.

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist I am helping people improve their lifestyle habits to reach their health goals.

One of the issues that I come across is that we are all so busy and stressed that we are not in the headspace to start to make these lifestyle changes.

Mindfulness Meditation is often a great starting point for people to help calm our minds and have more clarity and focus in our lives.

When I suggest to people that meditation is a great tool to help them improve their health I know they are often thinking: “What has this got to do with exercise?”

Everything I say. If our heads are spinning and we are rolling from one thing to the other without purpose or planning, how are we going to fit exercise in?

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. It’s about creating a routine and style that works for you. There are some great Apps to help and one of my favourites is Headspace.

Don’t worry if your mind fights it when you start and your brain is flitting all over the place.

The brain is like your muscles and will improve as we train it more often. Brain training with meditation will calm your brain and give you more focus to plan your exercise and commit to your goals.

When Tim Ferris, best selling author interviewed hundreds of top performers in all areas of life he discovered a common theme: they all meditated.

Meditation is an important tool to put into your wellness toolbox.