28 FebDon’t BLAME the Weather….

‘Because it is to hot is not an excuse for not doing your exercise’

Sumner time rolls around and everyone is keen to get active with the increase in sunshine and no more cold mornings but very quickly this turns into no exercise because it is to hot!

Time management is important in all aspects of life but even more important with exercise.

There are 24hrs in a day, generally we work and sleep for 8-10 hours, leaving a solid 4-6hrs to fit some form of exercise in.

One strategy is a simple alarm, but make sure when it goes off you sit up, or have the alarm away from next to your bed.  Additionally, have your walking or gym clothes ready to go next to your bed. There is nothing worse then getting up ready to go but you can’t find your favorite exercise clothes.

Remember, EVERYONE needs to be achieving a minimum of 150mins of aerobic based exercise each week. For weight loss and fitness you need to be closer to 300mins per week.

This may sound like a lot at first, but 150mins is only 30mins 5 days a week and remember we have a solid 4-6hrs to spare each day.

So set your alarm, have your clothes ready, rise with the sun and get moving!

Jake Hathway – Accredited Exercise Physiologist