“Be Kind To Yourself”


We are often our own worst critics, particularly when it comes to changing health behaviours.

Remember: It is okay to be kind to yourself even when things aren’t going exactly to plan! Give yourself permission to be human, to make mistakes or experience setbacks, and learn from them. Self-encouragement is so important when trying to achieve a goal.

Here are some tips for being kind to yourself when working towards a goal:

  1. Start small – It is important to appreciate the steps you are taking towards achieving your goal. Give yourself some smaller goals to achieve along the way. Remember, its easier to take lots of small steps than it is to take one huge jump!
  2. Don’t expect perfection – Working towards a goal can be very challenging, and things are going to come along that might throw you a little off course. Don’t be unkind to yourself when this happens, acknowledge it and then continue to work on strategies to overcome the challenge next time it comes up.
  3. Record your progress – Filling in an activity or food diary can be a great way to keep track your progress. When you feel like you have a long way to go, take some time to reflect on how far you have already come with your diary!

Tamika Hassum – Accredited Exercise Physiologist