20 SepDo you Plan for your Day?

Plan your day!

For far too long I found myself getting overwhelmed with what I was trying to achieve in my day.
I was not planning my day; rather I was just going through the motions, hoping for the best and ‘sweeping things under the rug’ when something else came up.
Planning does not mean you have to write in a book that you must do something at this specific time.
It simply means, plan the things that you want to achieve in the day and if other things come up that are not in that plan then don’t prioritize them.

This is especially important when it comes to exercise, as exercise can quite easily be ‘swept under the rug’ when something more exciting comes up like going to dinner, or watching a movie or your favourite TV show.
You need to change your current way of thinking.
Don’t pack your gym clothes and say to yourself, ‘I’ll go if I have time’.
Pack your gym clothes with the intention to go to the gym, put this in your plan for the day.
If you want to go for a walk in the morning, plan by having your walking clothes next to the bed.

Take a second to think, are you someone who plans or are you someone who ‘sweeps things under the rug’.
Make the change! Get moving!

Reminder, as a minimum we need to be achieving 150mins a week of moderate intensity exercise and for fitness and weight loss we need to be achieve closer to 300mins a week.

Jake Hathway – Exercise Physiologist