Simple Food Swaps


Here are some quick and simple food swaps to get you and your loved ones on the road to healthier eating, and hopefully the swaps become a lifelong habit. Read on to learn more…


Swap plain and multigrain white bread for wholemeal or wholegrain bread. Wholemeal and wholegrain bread is higher in fibre and will help you feel fuller for longer.


Swap fruit flavoured yoghurts for plain or Greek yoghurt and sweeten your way with some chopped fresh fruit. Greek yoghurt has a double benefit – it has twice the protein of fruit flavoured yoghurt and less sugar.

Breakfast cereal

Swap breakfast cereals with added dried fruit and sugar for rolled oats. Have your oats as porridge in the cooler months or Bircher muesli in summer. There are plenty of recipes online to try for increased variety.

Pasta sauce

Swap a creamy pasta sauce for a tomato based sauce. Add extra grated vegetables for an added boost.

Sugar sweetened beverages

Swap sugar sweetened drinks for water flavoured with lemon, lime, orange or cucumber slices, or mint leaves.

Chocolate and muesli bars

Swap a chocolate or muesli bar for a handful of mixed nuts and a couple of squares of dark chocolate.

Plate size

Swap a large plate for a smaller one. One of the simplest ways to reduce portion size.


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