Busting the Busy Myth

True North Wellness

Busy is so over rated!

When did all of us become so “Busy”. I am not sure if it has been a gradual creep or I woke up one day and I had a “Busy” day ahead. However this has happened, it has become the default response when we catch up with our work colleagues and friends.

Well I am over it! I am intentionally taking this word out of my vocabulary. Saying that we are busy all the time feeds our constant feeling that there is not enough time or energy in our day. Our nervous systems are on high enough alert with the constant stimulation through technology, high levels of caffeine and lack of restorative sleep. We need no more fuel on our roaring nervous system.

2020 is a year for me to bury the “Busy” word and find new ways to describe my days. If we continue to buy into this busy world our minds and bodies become exhausted. Why don’t you join me and leave the “Busy” word behind in 2019 and choose your words wisely for the New Year ahead.

Vicky Graham – Accredited Exercise Physiologist