Planning for success in 2020

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When working on your intention, it really helps to have a plan. This allows you to think things through and identify what steps or help is needed to be successful.
When we plan, we make our intention something more tangible and meaningful, and through this process we can turn our intention into a goal.
SMART goals are a good tool for keeping us on track. Making a goal SMART ensures we already begin to create a bit of an action plan, and we can make ourselves more accountable.
Making a goal SMART means you make your goal:
SPECIFIC – Be specific about what it is you want to achieve
MEASURABLE – Make goals that can be measured, so you can follow your progress
ATTAINABLE – Goals that may have seemed far away and out of reach eventually move closer and become achievable. Not because your goals are smaller, but because you have improved ways of reaching them.
REALISTIC – Be realistic about your goal-you should be both willing and able to achieve it. Realistic does not mean ‘easy’, it means ‘doable’. There is no point setting a goal that is not feasible for you to achieve.
TIME BOUND – Set a date for achieving your goals to help motivate you and to prevent you from putting them off.
reference: My Health for Life
We thought we would share with you some of our goals for 2020:
Vicky- 1. Thrive not just survive 2. Live simply
Tamika- 1. Be more organised with my lunches and snacks. 2. Make more time for restorative activities.
Jade- 1. Write down 3 things to be grateful for each day 2. to take dance lessons with my husband

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