Water is Life


Water is Life

Did you know the human body can go weeks without eating food but only days without water? Water is found in our blood, digestive juices, perspiration, lean muscle, fat, bones and urine and forms 50-75% of our body. Our body isn’t able to store water, and we constantly loose water from our skin, lungs, urine and faeces. The amount of water that we need depends on many factors, including our age, activity level, the weather and the food we’re eating. So how much do we actually need? Read on…

Water requirements by age:

Some key reasons for keeping up our water intake include:

• Helping to regulate our body temperature by sweating
• To maintain health body cells, and carry nutrienst and oxygen to our cells
• Helping to keep our bloodstream liquid enough to flow through our blood vessels
• Lubricating and cushioning our joints
• Aiding our digestive system
• Moisturising our skin

Along with cups of water, we also get water from other liquids such as milk (which is 90% water), coffee, tea, juice and soup. Whole pieces of fruit are also a source of fluid.

• Other ideas to help with keeping our fluid intake up include:
• Adding sugar free flavouring or a dash of cordial
• Adding slices of fruit
• Iced green or black tea
• Soda water (careful of mineral water which may contain salt)
• Invest in a water bottle that you enjoy drinking from
• Before eating, have a glass of water


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