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11 Apr 2022

Falls Prevention, Reducing the Risk of Falls as You Age

How do you reduce the risk of a fall as you age?  Falls are one of the major contributors to hospitalisation in Australia with 43% of all admissions due to a fall. Most of these are at home and in our elderly population(>65)  and this figure has been increasing on average 2% since 2017.i  Although…

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05 Apr 2022

April Falls Introduction

April Falls signifies a month of better balance for falls prevention! It is an annual campaign promoted by NSW Fall Prevention and Healthy Ageing Network that aims to educate individuals on the importance of physical activity for reducing falls (NSW Fall Prevention and Healthy Ageing Network, 2022). This is such a significant month as 30%…

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Falls prevention
19 Apr 2018

Falls Prevention and Exercise

As our population starts to age a major health concern is the increase of falls in older adults. With around 30% of adults over the age of 65 experiencing at least one fall a year. These falls can result in disability, loss of mobility, reduced quality of life, fear of falling and death. These falls…

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