Product Review- Carman’s Goodness & Grains Cereal


As someone who rarely has cereal for breakfast (I prefer rolled oats), I spotted this in the cereal aisle and thought it looked worth a try. Carman’s have a great range of oat-based products that I regularly recommend so I was curious to see how their cereal stacked up.


Nutrition: (for the almond and coconut flakes flavour) 


5.6g protein 

5.9g fat (1.8g saturated) 

19.7g carbohydrate 

1.4g sugar 

8.5g dietary fibre 


It’s made from bran flakes containing wholegrains, rolled oats, bran sticks and some nuts and seeds. So, it ticks the box for containing wholegrains and doesn’t contain any added nasties or unnecessary ingredients. Nutrition wise, its comparable to a few other on the market (such as Jordan’s low sugar granola) but ticks the boxes for having a good amount of fibre and low amount of sugar. I’m not too concerned about the fat content as that comes from the nuts and seeds. 

Overall taste was good, had a good satiety value and in comparison to a muesli, it filled up more of the bowl so easier not to accidentally have too large of a serving. I would recommend adding fruit and yoghurt, but it is a great new addition to healthy breakfast options.   


Louise Cato 

Accredited Practicing Dietitian