Tips ‘n Trick for Holiday Eating


After the last two years, isn’t it great to be able to plan and enjoy a holiday again. But how do we enjoy that much anticipated holiday without coming back with too much excess baggage around our mid section?

Here are a few simple ideas to take away with you on your next holiday…

Stay Active

Lying around at the beach or the pool deck of your cruise ship is a great way to unwind but make sure to explore as well. A regular walk or a visit to the resort or cruise ship gym will help balance the calorie intake.

Stay Hydrated

Not only will water stop the hunger pains but it also aids your digestion, prevents constipation and helps to regulate your body temperature (which is a good thing if you’re travelling to a different climate). So, carry a bottle with you throughout the day and refill it when you need to. Sometimes we may think we’re hungry when we’re usually just thirsty.

Moderate your Alcohol

You’re on holiday so you want to enjoy a glass or two of wine with lunch or dinner but try not to indulge all day. Alcohol can hide a lot of calories, especially if you’re partial to cocktails.

Portion control

Eating out can present us with much more food on our plate than we serve ourselves at home. Remember you don’t have to eat everything. Try to maintain the same quantity of food as you’re used to at home.

Be Snack Ready

When we’re busy sightseeing time can get away from us and before long we’ve skipped a meal and we find ourselves looking for ‘anything’ to eat. Look around the local stores for healthy snacks to throw into your bag – not only are you sightseeing but you’re also learning about the local eating habits at the same time.

It’s all about making healthy choices and looking after yourself. Bon voyage.

Nadine Meggitt

Associate Nutritionist (Nutrition Society of Australia)