The Importance Of Rest


“Sometimes allowing yourself to rest is the most productive thing you can do” 

Most of us thrive off always being “busy” or feel like we can only rest once we reach a specific goal and “earned it”. It can feel like we have a long to do list or there is always more to do. This can lead to feeling constantly fatigued, snappy, mentally foggy, anxious, and emotional. A lack of rest can affect our mood and health which directly impacts our relationships with our family, friends, and people closest to us. We can also start to feel as though taking rest or taking time to do nothing is unproductive or even something that must be earnt 

When we are running on empty, we are more prone to getting sick and injured, this is our body’s way of saying we need to slow down. Sometimes we can even find the when we give ourselves rest our body gets sick otherwise known as the “let down effect” this is where the body falls sick after a stressful event as the immune system has been suppressed.  

Some positive ways to wind down and connect with yourself can include 

  • Practicing mindfulness or journaling 
  • Going for a leisurely walk or swim 
  • Soaking up some Vitamin D 
  • Taking a nap  
  • Indulging in some self-care 

It is important that we frequently take time to wind down and relax for our physical health, mental health and for our relationships.