Introducing Phoebe Starling- Accredited Practising Dietitian

True North Wellness

Please join us in welcoming Phoebe to the True North Wellness team. Phoebe is with us while Louise is on Maternity leave.

My journey into nutrition started as a Radiation Therapist treating people for cancer. Through this work I came to understand the huge impact that nutrition has on health and chronic disease risk. Fast forward 10 years and now I get to work with people to improve their health through nutrition.
I have experience in the nutritional support of people of all ages with various health issues including: diabetes, dyslipidaemia, cardiovascular disease, nutrient deficiencies (e.g. iron), weight concerns, Coeliac disease, IBS, food allergies and intolerance’s, perinatal nutrition. I am passionate about educating and empowering people to improve their health through sustainable dietary change and love debunking food myths!
I also enjoy working with individuals with food intolerances to determine what foods are causing them issues through an evidenced based approach. The relief they get when their symptoms improve is so rewarding.
As a mother of a toddler I understand the pressures of incorporating healthy eating into a busy schedule. A big part of what I do is to support people to find strategies that will work for them and their family.

Phoebe Starling – Accredited Practising Dietitian