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07 Mar“Be Kind To Yourself”

We are often our own worst critics, particularly when it comes to changing health behaviours. Remember: It is okay to be kind to yourself even when things aren’t going exactly to plan! Give yourself permission to be human, to make mistakes or experience setbacks, and learn from them. Self-encouragement is so important when trying to…

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Self nurturing

23 AugWhat does “Self Nurturing” really mean?

Massage – a self nurturing tool for every body. Self nurturing is a term we hear used quite frequently in our clinic in relation to the realization of better health and in the reduction of pain. I recently wondered, what does “self nuturing” really mean to the people that we are speaking to, and how…

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Daily Habits

03 MayThe Habit of Habits

Are you aware of your daily habits? Our daily habits make up how our day and week will flow. One of the important aspects to improving our health is identifying which habits are helping our health and which habits are hindering our health. We often overlook the power of these daily habits and if we…

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12 AprThe 4 Pillars of Health

Sometimes in life we need a reminder about how important some of the simple things are to our overall health. Four of the most important aspects to our health include exercise, nutrition, headspace and sleep. I think of these four pillars as the foundations to our health, they allow us to build everything else upon.…

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Exercise Physiology

21 MarWhat’s your Why?

We all know that we should be exercising more and eating healthier so why are 30-40% of Australians leading sedentary lifestyles and only 5% are eating the recommended fruit and vegetables. Clearly knowing this information is not enough. What is stopping us leading a healthy lifestyle? Knowing what you should be doing is not enough,…

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