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07 NovTouch – Not just a Sentimental Human Indulgence

Once a week I visit a local retirement village where the average age is 68 years young. My day begins treating stress, headaches and migraine, back pains, leg aches and the moans and groans of hips that don’t quite move like they used to. It ends with a spring in the step of everyone who…

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13 MaySedentary behaviour – What it is and why should we do less of it?

Sedentary behaviour is the time you spend sitting or lying down (apart from sleeping). This can be at work, at home, during travel, and for leisure. The Australian guidelines recommend minimising the time spent being sedentary every day to, and breaking up long periods of sitting for as long as possible. This will reduce the…

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16 MarThe Complex Shoulder

Have you ever had a shoulder injury, completed an exercise rehabilitation program but then weeks, months even years later the pain is back? Chances are you only scratched the surface of your exercise rehabilitation program. Read more The Complex Shoulder

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08 MarChronic Pain

Chronic pain, as defined by the Australian Pain Management Association, is a pain that persists beyond the normal healing time of 12 weeks [1]. This pain is all to present in everyday life and I am sure that either yourself or someone you know is living with chronic pain. To understand the sheer scope of…

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28 Nov5 best exercises to reduce your lower back pain

Exercise is one of the most important strategies to help manage lower back pain. Although all too often when we have been living with chronic lower back pain we reduce the amount of movement and exercise in fear of aggravating the pain. Doing the right type of exercises and progressing slowly will not only decrease…

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