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10 NovFunctional Movement Training and Lower Back Pain

‘Back pain becomes very common as we age and why it can be associated to a specific injury/condition it can also be attribute to poor habits we have picked up over the years.

Rest, medication and other relief products are generally the go to when trying to relieve the pain and while this may provide some initial relief it is not correcting the underlying problem or dysfunction and as a result the pain may continue.
Correcting how your body moves has been shown to help manage and in some cases completely relieve back pain. This approach is called Functional Movement Training and is targeted at correcting these movement dysfunctions we acquire though poor habits to ensure our body moves correctly.
If you are someone who experiences lower back pain and have found no relief from medication and other relief products, then you may benefit from an exercise approach.’

Channel 9 story on Functional Movement Training:

Jake Hathway

Accredited Exercise Physiologist