TNW is a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We understand that everyone’s needs are different. Our team of passionate health professionals work with you to achieve your health goals. We can assist you with exercise physiology and dietitian services for those with a permanent disability, where the disability impacts the ability to perform activities of daily living. 


This means we can assist you whether you are plan managed, self-managed or NDIA managed. 


What is an exercise physiologist?

An exercise physiologist is a university qualified health professional who can assess your overall fitness, health and wellness and identify activities or lifestyle changes to support you to reach your goals.

How can an Exercise Physiologist help you?

Whether you want to become more active, lose weight, increase movement or improve balance, an exercise physiologist can help.

An Exercise Physiologist can support you to:

  • Design a fitness program just for you based on your goals and what you like doing
  • Offer advice on lifestyle modifications for better health
  • Help you achieve your fitness goals
  • Assist you to prepare for other activities such as community or team sports, or attending a gym
  • Ensure you are moving in a way that is safe and won’t make existing conditions or pain worse.

Exercise Physiology Services at True North Wellness include:

  • Home Based Exercise Therapy
  • Clinic based Exercise Therapy (Our private exercise clinic provides a non-intimidating exercise clinic that is wheelchair accessible)


    Conditions that our Exercise Physiologists work with

    • Progressive neurological conditions – MS, PD, MND
    •  Stroke, traumatic or acquired brain injury
    •  Spinal cord injury
    •  Mental health – PTSD, Depression
    •  Pain management, fibromyalgia, arthritis/RA
    •  Autism, Aspergers, Developmental delay
    •  Chronic fatigue syndrome

    We love working with children, teenagers through to adults.

    If you are a person with a disability and you meet the access requirements you can become a participant in the scheme.
    True North Wellness are registered providers for the NDIS. We supply exercise physiology and dietary and nutritional support for people that meet the disability requirements of the NDIS.



    To learn how we can assist with your National Disability Insurance Scheme requirements, contact us now for your complimentary, obligation free consultation.