Group Exercise Training

Group Exercise Training

The clinic offers a range of group classes including Pilates, Functional Fitness, StrongFIT, Yoga and Hydrotherapy . All sessions cater to a range of abilities and health conditions.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is designed to cater for people getting back into exercise. It caters for a range of levels and conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular and chronic lung conditions.(Lungs in Action and Heart Move participants are welcome)


Strong Fit is designed for participants who want to improve their strength and endurance. All classes cater to individual levels and include strength and cardio combinations in a circuit format


The Strong Bones class is the licensed Onero program, an evidence based exercise class developed through The Bone Clinic. It is for individuals looking to optimise their bone health, either through prevention or management of osteoporosis or osteopenia.


Strong & Steady is a class aimed at falls prevention. It is designed to improve your balance and strength, increasing your confidence on your feet. This class is run in a circuit format.


Hydrotherapy is a great way to get you back into moving. You can do things in water that you may not be able to do on land. Hydrotherapy is great for improving mobility, strength, balance and flexibility. Hydrotherapy is available for one one and group sessions. Our private pool at Cashmere, provides privacy and is heated to 31 degrees.

Pricing for classes

  • Casual Class: $20.00 per class (10 sessions $170)
  • Pensioner or Student: $17.00 per class (10 session $155)
  • Individual Pilates Assessment or Instruction: $55 (30 minutes)

10 session cards can be used for all group classes including Pilates and Yoga.