Reason’s Why Your Kid Should do Pilates!


We often talk about Pilates being fantastic for adults, but what about
In general, Pilates is an exercise mode that fosters learning controlled
movement and muscle recruitment patterns, improves posture and
dynamic stability, and increases muscular strength and range of motion.
“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”- Joseph Pilates.
Pilates provides children with a solid foundation for learning vital motor
skills, which can in turn enhance their overall physical and cognitive
development throughout their childhood and adolescence. Research has
found Pilates to improve muscular strength, flexibility, postural control,
and core strength for children. It has also been found to improve overall
functional ability, health related quality of life, and reduce pain in children
with musculoskeletal conditions.
Other reasons why we love Pilates for kids:
Improves coordination and skill acquisition which can transfer to
other activities
Supported by scientific evidence
A non-impact, controlled, and safe environment
Encourages movement and physical activity, reduces screen time
Encourages social interaction and improves self-esteem and
Helps to develop core strength and postural awareness which can
assist with improving sporting skills e.g. speed and jumping ability
Reduces stress levels and improves overall mental health
Improves gross motor skills
Healthy growth of muscles and bones
Importantly, Pilates can be jam packed with fun and exciting exercises to
encourage kids to love moving!
Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists at True North Wellness are qualified
to design and deliver Pilates sessions that focus upon helping children to
develop confidence with movement, assist with improving key
developmental milestones, and address your child’s individual needs.