13 MaySedentary behaviour – What it is and why should we do less of it?

Sedentary behaviour is the time you spend sitting or lying down (apart from sleeping). This can be at work, at home, during travel, and for leisure. The Australian guidelines recommend minimising the time spent being sedentary every day to, and breaking up long periods of sitting for as long as…

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Healthy Eating

04 AprBeating Busy Day Syndrome

It’s a common story that I hear time after time again; despite the best of intentions to eat healthier, life has just gotten in the way. Run out of time, don’t know what to cook, don’t have the right ingredients, too stressed or tired after work – these are all…

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Reflection - Pause

21 MarJust Pause. When did our lives get so busy?

Every time we speak to people the first thing, we say is how busy we feel. Have our lives become so much more complex and fuller that we don’t have time to recharge? When we are permanently on “Groundhog Day” and we don’t have moments in our day or week…

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Diaphragmatic breathing

14 MarDiaphragmatic breathing – A Massage from the Inside

You may have heard of the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing referred to in the clinic from time to time. This is breathing at its best and incredibly helpful tool for you to ensure you get the most out of your remedial massage treatment among other things. Learning diaphragmatic breathing is…

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07 Mar“Be Kind To Yourself”

We are often our own worst critics, particularly when it comes to changing health behaviours. Remember: It is okay to be kind to yourself even when things aren’t going exactly to plan! Give yourself permission to be human, to make mistakes or experience setbacks, and learn from them. Self-encouragement is…

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28 FebDon’t BLAME the Weather….

‘Because it is to hot is not an excuse for not doing your exercise’ Sumner time rolls around and everyone is keen to get active with the increase in sunshine and no more cold mornings but very quickly this turns into no exercise because it is to hot! Time management…

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Mental health

07 FebWhat are the benefits of Exercise for Mental Health?

Movement for the Mind - What are the benefits of Exercise for Mental Health? We know the benefits of exercise for our physical health, but how often do we also consider our mental health? The two are actually quite closely interlinked; for example, diabetes and moderate to severe depression co-exist…

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

04 DecWhat is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is an extremely gentle, rhythmic and flowing massage that targets the lymphatic system alone. This style of massage is targeting a very superficial body system that only requires a light touch compared to direct soft tissue work like remedial massage. The lymphatic system contains capillaries, vessels, nodes…

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08 NovThe Power of Goals

Often we set ourselves goals throughout our lives whether they be about our career, health or personal relationships. What I have discovered as I navigate this journey of life is that goals can be incredible motivators to keep us on track and focused. Even though this may sound very obvious…

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Knee Pain

24 OctPain in the knee while running

There are many causes of knee pain, whether it is a new injury, old injury or an overuse injury. This blogs focus is on overuse pain/injury. It is common in runners of all ages to experience pain in the knee during or after running. One reason why this occurs is…

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