You Are What You Eat


Getting your nutrition right is so important for overall health. Conflicting information makes it confusing to make the right choices and old habits can be hard to change. Our accredited dietitians break it down into simple steps with personalised plans. They also have the expertise to work through health issues that may need to be taken into account eg. intolerances or allergies, diabetes and weight loss.


Weight loss programs are available that coordinate your nutrition, exercise and health coaching support.


Smart Eating Program – 12 week program


Our Dietitian – Terrianne Preston prof-terrianne-500x500


Terrianne is an enthusiastic Dietitian who believes in negotiating practical and realistic strategies to manage diet-related conditions such as obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol. With an emphasis on balance rather than deprivation, Terrianne strives to help each individual make better everyday choices. Utilizing evidence based practice, Terrianne provides appropriate education and advice to her clients and dispels common health and diet misconceptions along the way. Terrianne has a passion for food and cooking so when not helping clients achieve their goals or researching new and innovative ways to provide dietary education, you will find her in the kitchen cooking up a storm! Terrianne is passionate about helping you meet your health and lifestyle goals one mouthful at a time!


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