If eligible you can claim services through Medicare/DVA/Health Funds/Workcover
Accredited exercise physiologists are registered with Medicare Australia, The Department of Veteran Affairs and Workcover.   Most private health funds recognise exercise physiology services. Some health funds also include health and wellness coverage to include personal training and pilates.   Check with your health fund to determine your coverage.
Why your GP might refer you to an Exercise Physiologist
  • To improve quality of care
  • To improve self management.
  • To incorporate more preventative services.
  “Accredited Exercise Physiologist are differentiated from other allied health professionals by the possession of extensive knowledge, skills and experience in clinical exercise delivery and health behaviour modification counselling for people with chronic diseases.” (ESSA www.essa.org.au)  


  Our Exercise Physiologist are accredited with Heart Foundation Heartmoves program and Lungs in Action. Both programs are designed to assist people with health conditions.