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05 Apr Mental Health and Exercise

There is mounting evidence that exercise is very effective in the treatment of mental illness, some suggesting this mode being more effective then medication. Despite all of this Australia’s mental illness rates are almost double the  global average with 1 in 5 Australians experiencing a...

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08 Mar Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, as defined by the Australian Pain Management Association, is a pain that persists beyond the normal healing time of 12 weeks [1]. This pain is all to present in everyday life and I am sure that either yourself or someone you know is...

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01 Mar What is the best type of exercise?

This is a question I get asked alot as an Exercise Physiologist. The answer is not a straight forward. This will depend on what your goals are and of course your age, medical history and previous exercise history. One of the factors I am often educating people...

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10 Nov True North Wellness Shopping Tour

We all know shopping can be overwhelming trying to find the healthier alternative. So we have arranged this shopping tour hosted by our Dietitian to assist you in learning more about label reading, hot nutrition tips and tools, and great take home advice. Tuesday 4th October Meet at the...

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