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30 May My Health for Life

If you’ve been watching television lately you may have seen that the Queensland Government has begun rolling out a fantastic initiative called My Health For Life ( The program is a preventative health program designed to provide participants with six sessions of personalised health coaching...

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24 May Exercise Right Week

Get moving… BUT…. Don’t go crazy… YET Far too often I see people want to make a change in their lives and become more active but are unable to keep it up long term. One big reason is we progress way too quickly and then it becomes...

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10 May Exercise and Oncology

It may have slipped your notice, but Australia has just become the first country to put forward a position statement that is aimed at prescribing exercise to all cancer patients as part of their treatment. This position statement was prepared by The Clinical Oncology Society...

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03 May The Habit of Habits

Are you aware of your daily habits? Our daily habits make up how our day and week will flow. One of the important aspects to improving our health is identifying which habits are helping our health and which habits are hindering our health. We often overlook the...

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26 Apr Why Pilates?

As a massage therapist and a Pilates instructor, I’m frequently referring massage clients to undertake Pilates exercises in order to minimize their pain and improve body function. Because Pilates can help to increase your core stability by targeting the stabilizing muscles of the spine, pelvis...

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12 Apr The 4 Pillars of Health

Sometimes in life we need a reminder about how important some of the simple things are to our overall health. Four of the most important aspects to our health include exercise, nutrition, headspace and sleep. I think of these four pillars as the foundations to our...

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05 Apr Mental Health and Exercise

There is mounting evidence that exercise is very effective in the treatment of mental illness, some suggesting this mode being more effective then medication. Despite all of this Australia’s mental illness rates are almost double the  global average with 1 in 5 Australians experiencing a...

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28 Mar Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise

The prevalence of diabetes has nearly tripled between the years 1989-90 to 2014-15. With an estimated 1.2 million (6%) Australian adults living with diabetes as of 2014-15, with this totalling close to $6 billion dollars in annual costs for Australians. Beyond the financial costs of...

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21 Mar What’s your Why?

We all know that we should be exercising more and eating healthier so why are 30-40% of Australians leading sedentary lifestyles and only 5% are eating the recommended fruit and vegetables. Clearly knowing this information is not enough. What is stopping us leading a healthy...

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